It’s Great to Create – Jon Burgerman

Title: It’s great to createimg_0557
: Jon Burgerman
Published by
: Chronicle Books
Publication date: 1 Aug. 2017
Genre: Art & Creativity
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
Source: Amazon

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I think the first thing I am going to say about this book is my concern for those who are using older black and white ereaders – this is a visual book and I don’t know how well it would translate to the more basic technological offerings. You’d also miss out on getting a cut out of your own alien space-ship!

That being said, I think the best format for any visual books is in paperback/hardback/physical form as there is something a lot more enjoyable about getting your own pen marks all over a book that is teaching you how to create with pens – which is encouraged in the sleeves of the book. To hold it’s also wonderful quality, so you’re really getting your monies worth when you buy a physical copy.

To sum up this book in a single word. Fun. It is packed full of ideas and games to play while you create your own doodles. It’s not a guidebook per-say, it’s a book that shows you that art doesn’t have to be high brow paintings and overloaded meanings. It eases the reader into believing that they can draw (Which I highly believe that anyone can) and embrace creativity into their lives in such simple and fun ways. Honestly, anyone can do the ‘tasks’ in this book – which is actually a great selling point. This book is for everyone; almost. I think with adult supervision most children will enjoy the tasks too, though you might want to gloss over the nudles (nude doodles)

My favourite part of the book though is the manner in which Jon Burgerman talks – this book just oozes personality and it feels like there is this quirky cheerleader behind you reminding you to keep it all fun and care-free.
There are a couple of ideas that are a bit far fetched and could land the artist in trouble though; like doing a large painting outside somewhere – I’d be a bit cautious of being arrested for criminal damage if you’re caught doodling without permission!

It’s not all fun and games though – at the back of the book there is a very handy section called “Resources.” Telling you all about the different sorts of materials and mediums that the author recommends, from paper to pens to paint and brushes. It’s written in the wonderfully casual way that you’d expect from Jon Burgerman at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to trying out a few of the challenges in the book and sharing them with you when I am done.


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